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  I opened Davidson Amplifier Repair on Music Row in 1993. In 2004 I moved to Lockeland Springs in East Nashville and started working by appointment only.
  I do all the work personally, with no assistants or interns. I do not do any work through music stores. New customers, please read the Repair Info page carefully before contacting me. Always ask if something is not clear, or your particular amp is not listed. I can fix lots of amps that aren't on that list.
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The website has been updated, and all of the schematics have been removed.
Thank you,
Jon Davidson
Wednesday, August 9, 2107

Gray panel Vox AC30 interior at Davidson Amp Repair 2009.
Photo by Jon Davidson. Amp from the Brent Ware collection.

Candy panel Vox AC30 on floor at left.
Center stack: Matamp, London City (made in Holland), Vox AC50 head. On table at right: Two Vampowers and a gray panel Vox AC30 chassis.

An Orange OR100 and Matamp on my work bench. These two amps are identical, except for the color and logo. The first Orange amps were simply Matamps which had their chassis painted orange, orange vinyl instead of black, and the famous Orange logo silk screened on the face plate. Mat Mathias re-decorated his stock amps for use in Cliff Cooper's Orange Studios in London, England. Both amps are from the Brent Ware collection.